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For some, even in this state, a certain understanding is retained and a response is formed to an emotional attitude towards them

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Big problems at this stage of the disease arise due to uncontrolled physiological functions. Despite the fact that items such as diapers are already being used with might and main, the likelihood of Cialis sores is quite high. The risk of developing congestive pneumonia remains significant, because a person does not move, and the respiratory organs at this age become especially vulnerable.

In general, life expectancy most of all depends on the age at which the disease occurred

They do not live in this stage for long, if moderate dementia can last ten years, then at this stage, given the nutritional problems, the development of bedsores and pneumonia (the main causes of death for patients with Alzheimer's disease), one cannot count on a special life expectancy - he will suffer for about another half a year.

those who fell ill before 60 years of age have the prospect of living 15-20 years, a diagnosis made at 70-75 years old leaves the patient a decade, and age after 85 years reduces life expectancy - such patients are unlikely to live beyond 4 years. In addition, experts note that women live longer than men, and people who do not have serious diseases - problems with the heart, blood vessels, respiratory organs, which aggravate the course of Alzheimer's disease, can also count on an increase in life expectancy.

Tadalafil: psychiatrist about cialis pills disease and its symptoms.

How can Alzheimer's disease not be confused with another pathology? After all, it is obvious that many vascular lesions give a clinical picture similar to the initial stage of Alzheimer's disease. It is not necessary to go far, it is enough to recall such a common disease today as osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, which is often the cause of compression of the vertebral artery and the development of vertebrobasilar insufficiency.

Among the numerous complaints (headache, dizziness, fainting), a person suffering from this disease notes a decrease in concentration, memory suffering, mood instability - it's time to get scared after receiving information about dementia. To prevent this from happening, doctors, when examining a patient with a suspected dementia syndrome, have in mind other diseases that do not lead to loss of reason, but give similar symptoms.

Before proceeding to the history of the disease (Anamnesis morbi), the diagnostic search cialis 20 mg of life (A. vitae). In this case, the doctor studies not only the patient's life history, but also his immediate family. With their participation, firstly, sometimes it is possible to detect the influence of a hereditary factor on the development of the pathological process, and, secondly, they can provide information that the patient, due to known circumstances (memory problems), has long forgotten or cannot adequately reproduce.

When diagnosing, the doctor relies, in addition to anamnestic data, on the severity of neurological and neuropsychological manifestations, excluding along the way another pathology that gives similar symptoms.

Of course, the matter is not just talking, the patient undergoes the necessary examination, where the following are considered as search tools in the first place:

Laboratory diagnostics: general tests (blood, urine), biochemical blood tests (transaminases, bilirubin, creatinine, urea, thyroid hormones, folic acid and vitamin B12). These tests help to detect metabolic disorders, which often lead to reversible cognitive impairment; Computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - they allow you to identify alternative pathological conditions of the brain that can cause the development of dementia; diagnostic image of the brain: normal (left) and with Alzheimer's diseaseRA (right) - the brain is atrophied, the ventricles are dilated.

The diagnosis of cialis pills disease is fully confirmed by histopathological examination of brain tissues, however, this is already a post-mortem analysis, therefore, for obvious reasons, it is unacceptable for studying brain diseases in living people. A simple test offered to patients. You can spend at home to understand the depth of violations (only a doctor can find out their true cause and compare it with Alcegmer!)

Neuropsychological testing, aimed at identifying and assessing cognitive disorders inherent in this pathology, is carried out by a certified specialist who knows the principles and methods of this seemingly simple type of diagnosis. Should we hope for a cure?

One cannot complain that drugs aimed at treating senile dementia of the Alzheimer's type are completely absent, but the drugs used so far have not been able to stop or at least slow down the pathological process. Currently, cholinesterase inhibitors (galanthamine, donepezil, rivastigmine) are used to treat Alzheimer's disease, slowing down the destruction of acetylcholine and used in early and moderate dementia, as well as memantine, an NMDA (N-methyl D-aspartate receptor) antagonist, used to treat moderate to severe dementia. and severe degree.

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to treat Alzheimer's disease, because so far no one has been cured of it. In addition, there is another question: is it worth it at all? Of course, such problems are solved with the attending physician, so we will only allow some (very brief) reasoning.

In addition to a weak therapeutic effect on the disease, cholinesterase inhibitors give unpleasant side effects (nausea, vomiting, bradycardia, convulsions), and bad side effects of memantine can be manifested by headache, dizziness, hallucinations.

In addition to pharmacological agents, psycho-emotional intervention or sensory integral therapy is sometimes used. Such an impact is possible within the walls of a specialized institution, since it requires the participation of a psychotherapist. The essence of tadalafil therapy is the doctor's communication with a person who is losing (or has lost) his mind in order to correct behavior, emotional sphere, cognitive and other abilities. Whether this method gives a tangible result is difficult to say, developments in this area are underway, but no special achievements worthy of attention have yet been accumulated.

Many people who have heard about Alzheimer's disease, having discovered in themselves (or a relative) its signs (problems with remembering what they have recently learned and seen), try to prevent or stop the process.

Firstly, in such cases, you need to know that this is really a given disease, and, secondly, there are no special measures for the prevention of senile dementia of the Alzheimer's type. Meanwhile, some argue that increased intellectual activity will help save the situation: you need to urgently start playing chess, solve crossword puzzles, memorize poems and songs, learn to play musical instruments, learn foreign languages.

Others tend to follow a special diet aimed at reducing the risk and symptoms of dementia and consisting of vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, red wine (in moderation) and olive oil. It can be assumed that both are right, because training for the mind and certain foods can really have a positive effect on mental activity. So why not try it, because it definitely won't get worse? Alzheimer's disease - what is it, symptoms and signs, causes, treatment, stages.

Alzheimer's disease is one of the most common forms of dementia and is a neurodegenerative disease. It is found in the elderly, but there are cases of occurrence at an early age. Every year more and more people are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. This is a fairly serious disease, the cause of which is a violation of cialis activity. It develops as a result of the destruction of nerve cells and is characterized by very specific symptoms. Often people ignore these signs, taking them for age-related features.

In the article, we will consider: what it is, what are the main causes of Alzheimer's, the first signs and symptoms, and how many years people live with this disease.

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Alzheimer's disease is an incurable neurodegenerative disease that affects the brain.

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The destruction of nerve cells responsible for the transmission of impulses between brain structures causes irreversible memory impairment. A person suffering from Alzheimer's disease loses basic skills and loses the ability to self-care.

This form of dementia owes its current name to Alois Alzheimer, a psychiatrist from Germany, who first described this pathology more than a hundred years ago (1907). However, in those days, Alzheimer's disease (senile dementia of AlzgEimer type) was not as widespread as it is at present, when the incidence is steadily increasing and the list of forgetful patients is replenished with more and more new cases.

In the group of people aged 65-85 years, 20-22% of people will have this disease. Among people older than 85 years, the frequency of occurrence will increase to 40%.

According to researchers, there are currently more than 27 million patients with this disease in the world. This figure is projected to triple in 40 years. What is the cause of the disease? To date, there is no clear answer, but the most appropriate explanation can be considered the formation of amyloid (senile) plaques on the walls of blood vessels and in the substance of the brain, which leads to the destruction and death of neurons.


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Experts say that most often the development of Alzheimer's disease is manifested in people with a low intellectual level of development, performing unskilled work. The presence of a developed intellect reduces the likelihood of this disease, since in this case there are more connections between nerve cells. In this case, the functions performed by the dead cells are transferred to others that were not previously involved. There is evidence that the risk of developing this disease increases every year after 60 years. At an earlier age, this disease occurs in people with Down syndrome. Also, women are more prone to dementia than men, the reason for this is the longer life expectancy of the weaker sex.